Parish Lent Evening Services 2020

Ash Wednesday 26th February 7.30pm at St Ann’s Church - Holy Communion
(NB this is a change from St Mary's where the heating has broken. Now at St Ann's Church.)

Sunday 1st March 6.30pm at St Aldhelm’s Church - Our Shepherd in the Shadow of Today (Psalm 23.1, John 10.11-16)

Sunday 8th March 6.30pm at St John's Church - Our Restorer in the Shadow of Exhaustion (Psalm 23.2-3, John 10.7-10)

Sunday 15th March 6.30pm at Emmanuel Church - Our Guide in the Shadow of Confusion (Psalm 23.3, John 14.1-7)

Sunday 22nd March 6.30pm at St Ann’s Church - Our Companion in the Shadow of Despair (Psalm 23.4, John 11.21-26)

Sunday 29th March 6.30pm Witness Service at Easton Methodist Church

Sunday 5th April 6.30pm at St Mary's Church - Our Host in the Shadow of Attack (Psalm 23.5, John 6.26-35, 41, 48, 51)

Maundy Thursday 9th April 7.30pm at St John’s Church - Holy Communion - Our Peace in the Shadow of Tomorrow (Psalm 23.6, John 8.12, 9.5, 15.1,5)

Fleeting Shadows

“Sometimes the darkness in our lives is very threatening”. So writes Malcolm Duncan in his introduction to a study guide entitled, Fleeting Shadows.

The shadows are varied. This Lent Evening series, from Ash Wednesday through to Maundy Thursday, is designed to explore some of them; the anxieties of today, depression, the weariness of trying to keep many ‘plates spinning’, the guidance required to make the right choices, the apprehension of waiting for test results, the insecurities which swirl around in our head about the future. In our evening reflections we aim to allow two scriptures to shine light upon these shadows, namely Psalm 23 and the Gospel of John. Whilst there will be songs of worship to sing, we will also read scripture together and furthermore, bring our own life experiences to the light of fellowship, sharing and prayer. You are warmly invited. It is a time to be authentic, a time to minister to each other and a time for hope in Jesus Christ who transforms the darkness.