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  Youth Videos

Bin Men
A series of 5 episodes used at the 'Scrap Happy' holiday clubs at Emmanuel, St Aldhelm’s and St John’s in 2013. It follows the story of a group of waste disposal operatives and their struggles with an unreasonable boss, unfair saboteurs and bags and bags of rubbish! Beneath the surface is a hidden story about redemption and rescue. It was filmed over three sessions on location around Weymouth and involved young people from several of our churches. You can watch Bin Men on YouTube using the links below:

Bin Men Episode 1 - 'On the Scrapheap'

Bin Men Episode 2 - 'Treated like Dirt'

Bin Men Episode 3 - 'Recycled'

Bin Men Episode 4 - 'A Load of Rubbish'

Bin Men Episode 5 - 'Scrap Happy!'

  Bethlemehian Rhapsody
Christmas video 2012

  Praise Video Brunel 2012
made at St Aldhlem's Church weekend away
  Christmas Kindness 2011
Showing Christ's love by doing acts of kindness on the streets of Weymouth town.


Isaiah 53
A bible reading from Isaiah 53 made for Easter 2011 by the Tuesday homegroup. Isaiah 53 is a prophecy made 700 years before Jesus came, that describes his atoning death on the cross for us.


'If we are the body'
This video was made in the summer of 2010 by the 11-14s youth homegroup to go with the song by Casting Crowns. It is about how the church should function like a body with each person doing their part, not looking down on others or forgetting that each one of us is important.


'The Shepherds and the Angels'
This was made by the 11-14s Homegroup and was shown as part of Weymouth Christmas Sparkle 2010. The music is by Relient K. We wanted to show the excitement and joy of the Angels who announced Jesus birth.


'Christmas Song'
This was made by the 14-18s homegroup and was also shown as part of Weymouth Christmas Sparkle 2010. The music is by 'Flyleaf'. This video is about the side of the Christmas story we rarely think about: that the baby Jesus was born so that one day he could die for us.

The Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset - St Aldhelm's, St Ann's, St John's, Park, Emmanuel and St Mary's Churches