St Aldhelm's music group

Musical worship at St Aldhelm's Church

Music is an important part of Worship at St Aldhelm's Church.

In music we offer Praise and Worship to our Lord and Saviour, Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, thanking Him, for all He has done to bring us into New Life in Him; for all He is doing to sustain us in the present, and for lovingly leading us towards the Glorious Future He has for us.

Musically we seek to express our Love for Him in both traditional and contemporary ways, using a variety of styles, both vocally and instrumentally, and a wide range of musical instruments, including the church pipe organ.

We acknowledge that music is a truly wonderful 'gift' from our Creator God, and believe that it pleases Him immeasurably, for us to explore all its possibilities in Praise and Worship.

We pray that our music, above all, is led and filled by the Holy Spirit, to the Glory of God.

We look for songs from every generation, that have strong melodic content and powerful faith affirming, soul nurturing lyrics, with which we may engage and encourage our congregations, as we lead them in Praise, Worship, and Reflection, on the unfailing, never ending Love of God.

We seek to encourage young peoples' musical ministry in the church with the 'Youth Band'.

We also look to include fun in musical content to engage and nurture Church Family children in the Gospel Message, early years. (A selection of instruments to 'shake', 'rattle', 'tap' or 'beat', are available for use by congregation members, regardless of age!)

We pray that visitors, who perhaps are taking a fresh look at church, will find our music vibrant, engaging, and relevant, and truly helpful in their spiritual journey.

Music and Worship also contribute and feature at other Church Family events, such as Weddings, Funerals, special services at Christmas (featuring a Christmas Choir), and Community/Social Gatherings (e.g. the St Aldhelm Fun Day or the Autumn Dinner Dance).

Please see the 'What's On' page for specific details on any planned events.

At all times, we offer a warm welcome to all visitors to join us in Worship.

St Aldhelm's Church