Vision - MISSION ACTION PLAN in Radipole District

How will we get there?

Priority 1 - Welcome

To develop and be more intentional about our welcome to visitors and first-time enquirers.

To improve the Welcome Area in the church.

Develop better leaflets and information packs.

Improve our signage.

To form and train a Welcome Team who 'look out' for visitors, draw alongside appropriately, to engage with newcomers, help them meet church members, inform and invite them to church activities. This team will start in May 2019 and its work reviewed at the APCM 2020.

This hospitality on Sundays involves conversation, introducing people to others and being a signpost to social events and discipleship opportunities.

The Welcome Team reviews how we might improve our hospitality.

Two Welcomer training events and three Newcomer events per year.

By October 2019 - To create teams of people who can maintain contact/'follow up' with Wedding Couples and Baptism Families.

Priority 2 - Children and Families

To encourage more involvement of families with young children into the life of the churches.

With the supportive leadership of the Coordinator, grow a new generation of volunteer leaders to sustain our mission with Breakfast@9 and renew the Sunday groups at the 10.30am service.

The Coordinator works with the Vicar and other worship leaders to see how children and young people can be better engaged with the Sunday worship.

Explore how we find the right context and time of day to 'disciple' parents with young children.

To strengthen recruitment of Children & Youth volunteers to keep commitment to once-a-month.

Maintain commitment to having at least one Intern (e.g. PAIS) per year.

Develop the growing relationship between Radipole Primary School and the two churches. (See Priority 4).

Recruit and appoint a Children and Families Co-ordinator for the Radipole District. This might be decided at the next DCC on 11th March.

To have a job description and enough funds to employ a Coordinator part-time by September 2019.

Priority 3 - Worship

Ensure that our worship is inspiring and able to sustain people through their week.

Each worship service in the Sunday pattern has a distinct style.

Encourage the participation of young people in leading worship.

Broaden our use of the Arts in worship.

Develop our range of music in worship, incorporating both the traditional and the contemporary.

Develop midweek opportunities for people to be still and centred before God.

'Grow' the Evening service. Enabling worshippers to have time to experience the presence of God through sung worship, stillness and silence in prayer, being open to expressing the gifts of the Spirit in worship, allow time for prayer and healing ministry, allow time for testimony. (N.B. Not dispensing with the sermon!). A strong emphasis on contemporary styles of worship whilst being underpinned with Biblical teaching.

Priority 4 - Engagement with the local Community of Radipole

To reach more people in the District.

To be a Church serving its community.

To be at the heart of the Radipole community, to be a beacon of God's light.

When appropriate to be involved in community events and to grow partnerships with Radipole associations (eg Nativity on the Move which will be repeated again this year, 2019).

To develop more contact with Radipole Primary School, through the links that currently exist.

To establish a midweek Coffee morning in St Ann's schoolroom - Start date Sept 2019.

To establish a mid-week after-school Bible club (Primary School children), using St Ann's schoolroom - Start date October 2019.

To reach out to the residential areas in Radipole street by street and find out prayer needs that could be prayed over. Aim to cover all the residential areas over the course of the next 3 years. Start date - Prayer Team April 2020.