St Ann's Churchyard, Weymouth - Burials Listing

This information is for personal research only.

This record was taken during the summer of 2008 (with updates for later burials) and is as accurate as it has been able to make it.  We hold no responsibility for any errors.  Those interested in tracing family members should use this as a guide and should confirm the information themselves.

This is all the information we hold about St Ann's Churchyard. For help with family or local history; free access to Ancestry and access to a thousand years of original local records, visit the Dorset History Centre, or search their catalogue online.

All lists and plans are pdf files.

1. Locate the name you are searching for ...

The records of Surnames that are listed in BOLD are recorded directly from the monumental inscriptions.   The Surnames not listed in bold indicate that either there is no monument left or that the inscriptions are too worn to be read by any means. Ashes added to an existing burial plot are listed not in bold in the burial file but mostly indicated as ashes, this data is taken from the burial records, there may also be a plaque on the site.

There are 2 lists of names (pdf files), both in alphabetical surname order:

St Ann's Churchyard Burial Plots

St Ann's Churchyard Cremation Plots

NB. Cremated remains (ashes) that are buried in an existing burial plot are included in the burial plots list.

2. If you wish to locate the plot in the churchyard
note the grave block number and the grave number within the block from the burials file
or the plan and place from the Cremation Plots file
and locate them on these plans (download the pdf file):

The Churchyard is in 2 parts:
Grave blocks D and E and Cremation plots 1,2,3,4 are around the church - Churchyard Plan Church side
Grave blocks A, B, C and Cremation plot 5 are behind the schoolroom and carpark - Churchyard Plan Schoolroom side

To see a bird's eye view of the churchyard showing the gravestones click here