Update: The Old Vic Community Centre was bought in November 2018.

September 2018

The Old Vic - a New Opportunity

Our Parish are in the process of buying the former St John's Vicarage in order to develop it and run it as a Youth Work Hub for the area. Please read on to find out more about this exciting new project and the ways in which you can help.

The Vision

To provide a youth and community venue which will be:

A base for our Parish Youth Ministry

A place that our young people can call home and be proud of. A place where people have fun, grow in faith and develop friendships.

Open to all young people.

An accessible and inclusive youth centre which accommodates a range of different types of youth work from open youth club sessions, after school drop ins, small groups and one to one mentoring.

A sign-post for youth & community services.

A place where other local community and youth work services and projects are actively promoted.

A resource for the whole community.

A centre which will provide space for a range of local community projects and endeavour to support the whole community and meet practical needs.


The PCC and our District Church Councils began 2018 by talking and praying about the future of youth work in our Parish - identifying this as one of our key priorities. It came as a surprise when, in April, an estate agent contacted Tom Coopey both to explain that the Old Vicarage was on the market (for the first time in 37 years) and to ask whether the church would consider buying it. This prompting was enough to get the cogs whirring and after significant prayer and discussion, the proposal that the Old Vic be purchased and run as a youth and community centre was unanimously backed by the whole Parish PCC as well as being approved by the Diocese. In spite of tough competition our offer was accepted and we are now working towards the exchange of contracts with completion expected around early November 2018.

The bigger picture

We, as a Parish, have a passion and vison to see youth work develop and thrive in Weymouth & Portland. We would love to see the local church together providing a range of essential and transformative services for young people in the area. It is a big and exciting vision which will take some time to grow. But for now it seems that the unique opportunity to buy the Old Vicarage is the right first step which will provide us with a huge opportunity to see the work grow and flourish.

Funding. We need your help.

The cost of this project is high - but its 'value' is higher.

The Old Vic will cost us £600,000 and our significant challenge now is to raise the money in a short space of time. The good news is that we are over half way to the target and we give thanks for God's provision so far. There is, however, a big shortfall to make up.

A large loan will be taken out to ensure we have the money in time for the sale to go ahead. We want to keep this loan to a minimum and be able to pay it back as soon as we can in order to be debt free and able to respond to other things God calls us to. So we are asking our whole Parish family to consider investing into this venture.

The Old Vic represents a unique and perhaps even once in a lifetime opportunity for us to secure a great and strategic venue which will be a blessing to our Parish and to the town. So please could you invest financially into this project? Let's go on this adventure together.

What next?

Please pray:

  • that we will be able to purchase the Old Vic.
  • for wisdom and faith for the PCC as we continue to embark on this project.
  • for the longer term vision of vibrant, growing and flourishing youth work in the area.

Please give.

Your financial support will be hugely appreciated. Please see details of how to give below:

Contact us if you need a form for The Old Vic, one form covers all donations.


If you pay sufficient income tax or CGT to gift aid your donations, please complete a gift aid declaration form and return it to the Parish Treasurer at St Aldhelm's.

If you wish to make regular payments by standing order, please also complete the mandate or set it up by online banking. If you wish to make a single payment, please write the amount of your donation after the words 'Single payment'.

You can make payments into the account by cheque, by standing order or by online banking, but please send the completed form to the Parish Treasurer.


If you do not pay sufficient tax to cover a gift aid claim on your donation, please do not sign the gift aid declaration but print your name and address at the bottom of the standing order mandate. If you gift aid a donation but do not pay sufficient tax to cover it, HMRC may ask you to pay additional tax to cover the amount they have refunded to the Parish.

If you wish to make regular payments, please also complete the standing order box or set it up by online banking. If you wish to make a single payment, please write the amount of your donation after the words 'Single payment'.

You can make payments into the account by cheque, by standing order or by online banking, but please send a completed form to the Parish Treasurer.

If you would like to know more about this project then please speak to Tom Coopey or Nick Clarke.