Over the last few years as a church, we have been involved in many different projects and these have all been funded very generously by all of us, as we have contributed to make this family of churches work well.

The regular giving that comes into St Ann’s and St Aldhelm’s is what enables us to employ staff and to give to those that we support on a regular basis. That includes supporting the work of our Mission Links which include Christians against Poverty, the Lantern Trust, Church Mission Society, Tearfund, Le Pelican, London City Mission, Hope International, C.P.A.S., the Town Centre Chaplaincy, the Barnabas Trust

Many of us in the church participate in this ministry by giving 10% of our income. A great way to give is to work out a percentage of what you get and to give that percentage away. I’m sure that you, like me, are blessed to know we have a house to live in, carpet on the floor and hot water in the taps. The money that you give to St Ann’s and St Aldhelm’s helps us to be a blessing and reflect Christ in our local community.

Perhaps you’re new to the church family and haven’t yet joined the Parish Giving Scheme. We’d love you to think of doing so. If you are already part of the P.G.S., would you consider reviewing your giving and supporting us in an extended way? If you’d like some more information please do contact our church treasurer Pete Bennett or speak to myself, Nick Clarke.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your continued partnership in the things of the Kingdom.