History of the Church

The history of St Aldhelm’s Church

Radipole changed dramatically in the time of the 1930’s with a great increase in population. The little church of St Ann, which had served the rural community for 700 years was too small and it was remote from the new growth areas and very few families had cars! The Rev W S Syson, Rector from 1936, initiated a great effort by the parishioners to meet the need for a new church.

The history of St Ann’s Church

The Doomsday Book (AD 1086) records the presence at “Retpole” of a priest instituted and under the authority of the great Benedictine monastery of Cerne Abbas, Dorset.

The area in early times called Melcombe Regis extended from the harbourside northward to the present hamlet of Nottington, which is about one mile North of Radipole Church, and the whole of this area constituted the one Parish.

St Ann’s Churchyard – Burials Listing

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Saint Aldhelm

Saint Aldhelm, whose name is perpetuated in this church, was born into a noble family around 640A.D. He was educated at Malmesbury under an Irish monk by the name of Maildulf, and went on to complete his education at Canterbury.

The Old Weymouthians

Weymouth College (Public School) was founded in 1862. It had no option but to close in 1940, as parents were uncertain of the safety of the area due to the Navy based at Weymouth and Portland. The pupils remaining, plus some of the staff, one of which soon became headmaster, transferred to Wellingborough School, Northants. St Aldhelm’s Church, being built at that time, became guardian of their memorials.